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The model, he said, is one that will continue to morph and spread. When they tire of one another or the conversation veers off topic, they can request a new partner. He has hired a team of moderators to cycle through users and flag the ones who are disrobing or otherwise misbehaving. For a long time, people did not feel comfortable to broadcast their emotions and actual selves on the Web, and this offers that. Another start-up, vChatteris trying to continue the fun of face-to-face video chats with strangers, but ideally in a more family-friendly way.

A day on chatroulette, the web's weirdest new outpost

Hunter said of Chatroulette. The service connects users interested in the same topic, like backpacking around India or training for a marathon, for phone conversations.

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Andrey Ternovskiythe year-old creator of Chatroulette, said he did not see the new crop of services as competition. Shervin Pishevar, the founder of a mobile games publisher called SGN and an adviser and mentor to Mr. Ternovskiy, said the interest in the Chatroulette idea went beyond novelty.

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Chatroulette, Mr. Pishevar said, touched on the raw desire of Web users to carve out a new way to make that happen. After all, Web denizens can be fickle, and interest in social networking f can fade in a flash. Ternovskiy said he had spent the last several months working furiously to clean up the site in an effort to recapture the original wildfire interest in it.

But the early and stratospheric popularity of Chatroulette could indicate that the idea has staying power.

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Hunter hopes can serve as an icebreaker. For now it works over landlines and mobile phones, but eventually, Mr. Chatroulette has given rise to several other playful offshoots. Chatroulette has managed to hold on to an audience ofunique users a day, Mr. Ternovskiy said, though that is far below its peak of two million earlier this year. Remember Chatroulettethe Web site that pairs strangers for anonymous video chats?

The company says it has around 2.

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After confirming their phone with the service, users can deate what subjects they want to talk about and pick a time to chat. Technology Chatroulette Gives Rise to a Genre.

For now the service is still in test mode, and there is a waiting list to up. The service finds an appropriate match and calls the two users during that window.

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Using Facebook s has another advantage: the company can skim user profiles and match people with similar interests. He hopes to support the service with advertising. To counter that, Mr. Hunter plans to allow users to select topics of interest as a way to find like-minded conversation partners.

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Then the creeps took over, and the technorati moved on. It matches random users and lets them chat via texting.

Bunker said. VChatter requires that users in using their Facebook identity, which discourages bad behavior. It is not clear whether any of these services will be able to sustain the attention of users beyond the initial novelty stage. Bunker said vChatter had raised a quarter of a million dollars from early investors and planned to announce a round of venture capital financing in a few months.