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Dateline NBC's social and digital series 'Missing in America' began on December 5,following a question the night before to our Facebook community, "Do you know anyone who has simply vanished? Since that first post, every week we have tried to feature the story of a different missing person brought to our attention by a member of our social communities. Please take a moment to look at their faces and read and share their stories.

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Multiple inmates were killed and others seriously injured amid fighting between prisoners inside the maximum security prison in South Carolina. Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville, where seven inmates were killed and 17 other seriously injured in fights between prisoners. Robert and Cynthia Jackson walk back to their vehicle at the Lee Correctional Institution after inquiring information about their son, an inmate at the facility, following rioting at the prison Monday in Bishopville. Michael Milledge was killed at Lee Correctional Institution.

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Acting on a primetime series might sound glamorous, but Suits is largely filmed in a grim, concrete hangar on a former military base on the outskirts of Toronto, and she would have to mooch around there for hour upon tedious hour, waiting to be called on set. After all, she was approaching 30 and knew there wouldn't be too many more opportunities to attain the recognition she'd sought since girlhood. Columnist Shinan Govani, Toronto's most in-the-know social observer, met Meghan 'many times' and recalls throwing a dinner party she attended with her new beau.

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Meghan also met his grandchildren leading him to the opinion that 'she'll make a wonderful mum'and when her mother, Doria Ragland, came to stay, Mr Kapetanos says she made a point of thanking him for looking after her 'angel'.

Nor, beyond the names of her favourite haunts, do we know much about Meghan's life in Toronto; a city she has called her 'adopted home', having lived there for six years, between andfor the most part anonymously, in an unpretentious clapboard house, in an unremarkable street. The full inside story of Meghan's courtship with Vitiello — which began a year after her divorce from film producer Trevor Engelson and ended shortly before she met Harry — has never before been told.

While Suits was becoming increasingly popular during the second corey it became the most-watched show in the US among viewers in the age bracket and her character, dating smart, sassy Rachel Zane, was beginning to attract hordes of male admirers, Vitiello was the real celebrity in his home city. But only one of them is going to be waiting at the altar for Meghan online 19 May — and it's not Cory Vitiello, a celebrity chef in his home city of Toronto and the person she was dating profile weeks before she met Prince Harry.

The personable chef mingled easily with these major social players at his restaurant, and rubbed shoulders with them at charitable galas and other events. Not least because it explains how the actress, who arrived in Toronto as an unknown and left last November as the world's most Googled woman, positioned herself — some might say rather calculatingly — in the elevated social milieu which led to her being introduced Myrtle Harry.

She fitted very well into our family. For in SeptemberMeghan flew to Jamaica to marry Engelson in a laid-back ceremony at a beach resort, accompanied by exuberant beach games and fuelled by copious amounts of rum punch and Red Stripe lager.

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Such is her worldwide renown today, that the velocity of Meghan's rise is difficult to contemplate. He is a swell guy, and pretty much liked by everyone. She was different in that respect [and] I feel like if she had never come to Toronto she wouldn't be marrying Prince Harry. Meghan even brought her white Audi SUV from California to Toronto online a hour drive away — and added a sense of permanence to the move by taking household appliances like her well-loved food mixer with her. Her most recent screen appearances had been minor roles in two forgettable films — one a gallows-humour comedy, Get Him To The Greek, starring Russell Brand — and she was one among legions of anonymous actors striving for stardom in a remote, cliquey and, during the long winter, forbiddingly cold city.

And it was this quantum leap — from actress to glittering social butterfly, and then, by dint of her campaigning work with organisations such as the United Nations and Dating Vision — that brought Meghan into the orbit of royalty. During this difficult interlude, Meghan also lost touch with some of her old LA friends, who felt Trevor had been badly treated and took his side — most notably Ninaki Priddy, whom she had known since they were two and was once like a sister to her. Seven years ago, when she landed the part of legal assistant Rachel Zane in a new cable TV series, Suits, which was to be shot in Toronto because Canada gives generous tax credits to TV and movie producersshe was still a virtual unknown.

What she omitted to say, in her eloquent paean, was that she was falling headlong in love with Vitiello, whose Scandinavian and Latin genes his mother's ancestry Myrtle Swedish, and his father, a retired PE teacher, is of Italian descent had combined to produce a stubble-jawed Adonis. Very smart, very bright, very caring. But in real life they became like sisters. Meghan was an actress on the rise, but in Toronto, chef of- the-moment Cory was the profile star.

For the review appeared on corey July,and — in an exclusive interview — his mother Joanne Vitiello told me her son's relationship with Meghan began around that time, after Meghan visited The Harbord Room with friends from Suits. Rather like the film Sliding Doors, which shows how differently people's lives would turn out but for a small twist of fate, it also gives us a picture of the wildly contrasting future that would have awaited Meghan had she married Cory Vitiello. She was effusive in her praise for Meghan, who spent the Christmas of with the Vitiello family, staying for several days at their modern home in Brantford, west of Toronto.

The hunky chef meghan markle nearly married

Suits you Meghan made Canada feel like home by filling her new house pictured that she shared with her beloved dogs with flowers and art. The court papers cite 'irreconcilable differences'. Something of a Jamie Oliver figure in Toronto, albeit less laddish, he made frequent TV appearances, and he had turned The Harbord Room which he has since closed to concentrate on his new venture, a rotisserie chain into the city's coolest eaterie. Moreover, he had reportedly dated two of Canada's most high-profile women: heiress, politician and businesswoman Belinda Stronach, 13 years his senior; and beautiful TV presenter Tanya Kim.

Jessica would later become one of Meghan's closest confidantes, and is said to be the royal wedding planner-in-chief. When she returned to the restaurant to celebrate her 33rd birthday with her castmates, on 4 August,her feelings for the tall, athletically built Cory were plain for all to see. Fruity: the photo Meghan posted on social media in that hinted she was in a relationship — with Harry. Through exclusive interviews with the man himself, his mother and Meghan's inner circle during her years in Toronto, when she was filming the series Suits, we've discovered just how close she came to marrying Cory, the real reason their relationship faltered and how, through him, she gained access to the loftiest levels of society — and, ultimately, the high-powered friends who would introduce her to the prince Cory Vitiello pictured who started his first catering business at 15, impressed Meghan with his burgers — and rugged good looks.

He would be invited [to top gatherings] by dint of his talent and personality.

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With its salmon pink walls, tattooed and T-shirted waiters, and potent 'killer cocktails', The Harbord Room was a magnet for the young, artsy set, and Meghan — who ate there with fellow cast members from the television series Suits — drooled over its 'much-lauded burger', saying it was the best thing she'd sampled from the already impressive menu. And during the summer ofshe penned a gushing review on her new lifestyle blog in praise of a small but fashionable restaurant near her Toronto neighbourhood.

There wasn't anything exciting about Meghan's new working environment, however. Her co-star Sarah Rafferty pictured left is expected to be on the guest list at the royal wedding. The year-old Greek-born retired restaurant manager says he became 'a sort of uncle' to Meghan. For this naturally gregarious woman, however, loneliness was her biggest enemy during those early days, 2, miles away from her home city of Los Angeles, where she had many friends, and had lived for the past six years with Trevor Engelson, her soulmate and mentor since her early 20s.

She redecorated the house, 10 Yarmouth Road, in light colours, hung paintings, installed modern furniture, and filled it with flowers so it would resemble the cosy, yellow-painted Californian bungalow she and Trevor had shared off Sunset Boulevard. The couple were also carried aloft in chairs, in accordance with Trevor's Jewish faith.

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They also began frequenting Toronto's many stylish bars and restaurants, and it was on one such evening that Meghan met the chef Cory Vitiello. By David Jones For Weekend. Meghan's two dogs Guy and Bogart pictured took pride of place both in her home and on her social media. The man who could have married Meghan bares a striking resemblance to her fiance Prince Harry whom she will marry. The Royal Family, and Britain, is very lucky to have her.

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Habits that had once endeared him to her, such as rolling up for appointments late, in unironed clothes, now annoyed her. Meghan has described how her TV show's cast became her 'surrogate family'.

The hunky chef meghan nearly married: told for the first time, the full inside story of ms markle's two- year affair with the man who gave her an entrée into high society

It is integral to Meghan's story for many reasons. For company, she installed her two adored dogs in the house. And when I asked Mrs Vitiello whether Cory and Meghan's relationship had been very serious, her reply was emphatic.

Meghan was surely grateful for his avuncular kindness when, in Augustjust 21 months after their wedding, she and Engelson were divorced. So when Meghan became his girlfriend, he provided her with a passport into the most influential echelons of Toronto society — a clique whose connections spread far beyond Canada.

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As I will reveal in next week's instalment of this series, however, this legal jargon doesn't begin to tell the poignant and acrimonious story of their break-up. He would be leverage for Meghan. She has also been tipped to be Meghan's maid of honour.

They bear a striking likeness to each other, two young men, both ruggedly handsome with matching stubble and wide, irresistible grins. His mother certainly left me in little doubt that she would have been thrilled to have Meghan for a daughter-in-law. The actress expressed equally unbridled admiration for the restaurant's co-owner, Canadian celebrity chef Cory Vitiello, who had been taught to cook as by his Italian grandmother and started his first catering business from his home, in a sleepy provincial town, when he was just Yet it wasn't only his culinary skill that impressed her.

That summer, they began an intense relationship that would last for almost two years, causing many in their circle to believe it would lead to the altar. However, her husband's career as a Hollywood film producer and agent was also advancing apace, so their hectic schedules restricted these liaisons, placing the relationship under strain.

Afterwards, they would fly the five hours between LA and Toronto for trysts whenever possible. Matters were made worse because, when they did manage to snatch some time together, Myrtle was clear to Trevor that Meghan was changing. Dropping hints about her romantic status on social media is something of a trademark for Meghan, who first indicated that rumours about her love for Prince Harry were true online posting an image of two profile, smiley-faced bananas — a favourite fruit of his.

Starring for the first time in a TV series seemed corey be turning her head, and she found a new circle of friends among her fellow actors, so that — though she had often declared that she couldn't envisage life without Trevor — he began to feel like a spare part. Vitiello is also friendly with Dating Anderson, global membership director of the elite private club Soho House, which has a branch in Toronto. Home for Meghan was a three-bedroom house in Seaton Village — an old neighbourhood with an English feel now popular with bohemian media types — where she did all she could to create an air of familiarity.

In Toronto, however, this was far from the truth. However, after interviewing numerous sources in Canada, including Cory's parents, and speaking to the chef himself a commendably honourable man who has resisted colossal offers to sell his story I have pieced together the intriguing prequel to the royal love match. She would take Guy, a beagle, and Bogart, a Labrador-shepherd cross, both acquired from an LA rescue pound, for long walks in the snowbound local park, returning to cook supper for one.

There was no guarantee Suits would take off, but the prospect that she might at last break into the big time thrilled Meghan. He would be bigger in terms of the Establishment of Toronto.

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In fact, when Meghan published that glowing review on her now-closed blog, The Tig, their romance might have been advancing apace. She's a warm personality, very sincere. Here the Mail's David Jones uncovers the untold story of Meghan's secretive two-year affair with Cory, who helped lift her spirits after her first marriage had broken down.

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We very much enjoyed the time we spent with her. No wonder they both captured the heart of the same woman: Meghan Markle. It was only after that when she really began to have friends round, and they had a big party,' her former next-door neighbour, Bill Kapetanos, told me.

Knowing they would be apart for a prolonged period, perhaps they felt a need to affirm their commitment to one another. Certainly, the timing of that internet post in fits with what I've learned about Meghan's secretive affair with the chef.

He chatted with her over the garden fence and did odd jobs for her, such as fixing the swing door to her rear garage when it got jammed. Sometimes, after a long day at the studio, Gina would cook supper for her Meghan adored her picadillo, a Latin American-style hash, which they washed down with white burgundy. Within the confines of the city, being with him was definitely a useful platform for her.

Though Meghan was reportedly introduced to Prince Harry by Violet von Westenholz daughter of Prince Charles's pal Baron Piers von Westenholzwho did PR for Ralph Lauren when Meghan was the fashion company's brand ambassador, Anderson is also said to have played a part in making the match. The received wisdom is that she was the more famous half of this good-looking couple.

Meghan married Hollywood producer Trevor Engelson pictured in — but the couple were forced to live apart when she left Los Angeles to film Suits in Toronto. As an avowed 'foodie', whose slender figure belies her weakness for calorie-laden dishes, Meghan Markle loves to dine out.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who will marry in May, met just weeks after her relationship with Cory ended. And we are very fond of her,' declared Mrs Vitiello, very deliberately using the present tense. There were also many Skype and FaceTime calls.