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If you're planning a move abroad, or you're already an expatriate, you have more to think about than adjusting to a new culture. Although it may be tempting, you must not ignore your U. Every U. That means you must file a tax return with the IRS and likely your new country of residence. The tax situation for expatriates is often complicated and frustrating.

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Photos: Niamh Donoghue. People don't put in the same effort to get to know someone that way.

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Joe Kukura. Despite the differences, she said her new home is more in line with her personal values. I have a new perspective of San Francisco because of it. What it makes is this whole culture where they go on one date and then move onto the next. Via telephone, Donoghue said she specifically sought a job transfer to San Francisco. Donoghue said she became even more connected to San Francisco after reading David Talbot's Season of the Witchwhich records the city's cultural history.

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From her perspective, most San Franciscans "fully believe in and are leading the rest of the world in most of these areas," she said. Here, you can still get calls until seven or later, and there're no qualms about contacting you during vacation, said Donoghue. After her first year living and working in San Francisco, we reached out to learn about some of her favorite things — and the cultural shocks that took getting used to. But reading [Talbot's] book helped me to understand why that problem is there, to see the history of the city.

Pastrami sandwich shop Hot Johnnie's is now open at 18th St. An Irish expat reflects on her first year in San Francisco. San Francisco's dating culture has also been frustrating, she said.

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Aug 09, San Francisco Mission Mission District graffiti'd with skateboard brand's Another company has run afoul of San Francisco ordinances and spray-stenciled on sidewalks in the Mission District. Culturally, she said her adopted city is markedly different from Ireland. I want to be part of that. In Ireland, "when you clock out atthat's it. Stay up to date!

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Donoghue, who shares a flat with roommates in Lower Pac Heights, said discovering the city's food culture has become a favorite pastime. If you go outside and try to have a cig, you are the worst person in the world.

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By Nathan Falstreau - Published on May 16, San Francisco. In Ireland, people "keep their work friends and personal friends really separate.

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Another company has run afoul of San Francisco ordinances and spray-stenciled on sidewalks in the Mission District. It's sad, because they aren't making relationships organically. Steven Bracco.

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You want to be a part of it and really understand it," she said. For new resident Niamh pronounced "neeve" Donoghue, moving to a city far from her hometown in Donegal, Ireland was always part of the plan.

H&r block tax pros know taxes.

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It was something to get used to. In Ireland, it's still illegal to have abortions, and gay marriage only recently became legal.

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About 16 hours ago. It's the one thing that I was confused by. Everything about work and personal life is separated, not just friendships," she added.

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