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You'll find plenty to do in all corners of Kansas City. Explore these nearby destinations that are worth the quick drive.

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Support Us. Announcing a pair of late-summer Pride festivals, plus a sneak-peek this weekend. My duck breast had a dark, vibrantly spiced crust, and the slices were artfully arranged around a mound of nutmeg-scented potatoes au gratin.

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The sorbet was an import from a local vendor but a refreshing one: peach lemonade, with the accent firmly on the lemon. Karen goaded him by seeming completely uninterested in his banter. Then a notorious local roue — a male publicist with bedroom eyes — entered the nearly empty dining room and started coming on to Jennifer in a manner that would have made the Parkville locals blush.

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But producing quality journalism isn't cheap. The wooing continued on my next visit.

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After dinner, he ventured out of the kitchen to ask how Jennifer liked the dish. Flirt Club October 10, Charles Ferruzza .

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Newsletters Get the latest from The Pitch delivered directly to your inbox. Alas, there was no one left in the room remotely interested in flirting with me, or vice-versa.

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I was a little sheepish about making a pig of myself, having already had a passionate fling with a bowl of rich, succulent rabbit-loin stew in an addictive red-wine-and-garlic sauce. Is he really straight? The handsome, tousle-haired, soccer-playing Combe gives his own little non, je ne regrette rien shrug when it comes to the issue of his former business partners. Let your year-old friend The Pitch help.

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We at The Pitch love what we do, and want to keep bringing you interesting and insightful pieces. She started her dinner with a lovely salad, a jumble of baby greens, portabella mushrooms, blue cheese, walnuts and roasted peppers. Not that I was flirting in the first place, since I have a boyfriend. In short order, he arrived with the dinners, too, each one exquisitely composed.

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Find The Pitch. Grandmother was a well-traveled lady, and later in life she looked back at her divorces with a very Parisian attitude. Shop Here. If you enjoyed this story, or have enjoyed reading any of our stories in the last 40 years, please consider clicking the "Support Us" button right here. It was so devilishly tart that after one bite, I could feel my lips pucker.

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Escargot never looked so chic or tasted so wonderful. The only thing for me to make a move on was my seared pork flirt, a hunky and meaty little draped in a rustic, thick-grained mustard-cream sauce. Grownup-ish Being a grownup is hard. Jennifer spent more time batting her eyelashes at the lithe, black-clad waiter, Michael model, actor and writerthan contemplating the dinner specials, so I Parkville for her, too: a veal rib chop dusted with allspice and pan-seared. The story has never lost its fizz in gossip-loving Kansas City, though Combe has moved on.

There is still an escargot appetizer, but instead of serving the snails in a bowl of hot garlic butter, Brocato gives the ugly little aphrodisiac a coating of jade-green sauce, liberally laden with butter, sherry, parsley, tarragon, basil and chives.

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Iowa's Hinterland gave us a brief return to music festival living. Being a grownup is hard.