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While Phoenix is a wonderful winter oasis for many coming from cold dreary climates in the East, the summer weather is more often than not quite unattractive. So what do you do when the thermometer keeps crawling up past on a regular basis for months on end? In order to stay entertained during the brutal summer season, you will have to find ways to beat the heat while still having fun at the same time, which surprisingly, is not that hard.

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The panoramic view from the "hump" of this iconic landmark, named for its resemblance to a kneeling camel, is worth scaling its two tricky trails, Echo Canyon and Cholla. Hikers gain 1, feet in elevation to the summit, which looks out over the city and Phoenix Mountains Preserve.

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November 19, When it rains, the precipitations rises up, and then cools and condenses into clouds. The summer days are longer in the Northern hemisphere and due to the tilt, this means longer days in the sun, and more time in the heat. A lot of parts of Arizona sits at low elevation.

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Arizona is also located downwind of the mountains. Automated speed optimizations for fast site performance. May to September are the hottest months for Arizona.

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Elevation also plays a role in the temperature. Though these temperatures were ificantly hotter than the summer average temperatures this day broke daily heat records across Arizonathey are still indicative of the unique position Arizona finds itself in.

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These two combined make the heat stay all year round in Arizona. Arizona is a great place to live even if it is hot. Due to the generally dry climate in Arizona, residents in the state experience extremely high temperatures during the summer months during the daytime.

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Our specialists know exactly how to keep the heat off you in Arizona, so contact our team today! A great example of a heat island is Phoenix, AZ. A lot of times the heat can cause dust storms and poorer air quality because it stays in a heat bubble.

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This makes the air drier than it was when it was upwind of the mountains. Related posts.

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Summer temperatures in Arizona usually lie in the 90 degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Fahrenheit range. Those rain clouds then bring precipitation up the side of the mountains and then down, and it when it goes down it compacts and heats up.

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Superior Sun Solutions is the leading provider of retractable awnings and solar screens in Phoenix, Arizona. Consider June 16th,a hot day where the outside temperature in Phoenix reached degrees Fahrenheit while the temperature in Tucson reached degrees Fahrenheit.

Without the cool ocean air flowing in, the valley stays hot.

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If you live in Arizona, you may be used to the heat already, but to tourists and visitors, Arizona can be unbearably hot, especially during the summer months. Phoenix for example, sits at 1, feet, which is pretty low.

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The past 30 years has shown that temperatures at night are not as low as they used to be. At Superior Sun Solutionswe offer various energy-saving window attachments, such as solar screens and retractable awningsthat keep hot temperatures out while maintaining the coolness of your home or patio.

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This causes higher air pressure to build up, and this also keeps the clouds away. Apr 28 Why is Arizona so Hot? How Hot Is It in Arizona? They are hotter than rural areas, contain a higher population, and demand more energy for utilities like air conditioning.

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Our experts have decades of experience in creating and installing our shading solutions. Arizona is an Urban Heat Island An Urban Heat Islandor UHI, is an area that experiences consistently higher temperatures than surrounding areas because of buildings that retain heat, and a lot of concrete and asphalt in the area. The circumstances which lead to these kinds of hot Arizona days vary, but one contributing factor will always be the geographical and topographical location the state resides in.

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Higher elevations tend to keep places cooler, but lower elevations mean places stay hot. An Urban Heat Islandor UHI, is an area that experiences consistently higher temperatures than surrounding areas because of buildings that retain heat, and a lot of concrete and asphalt in the area.

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One of the barriers between the state of Arizona and the cool air that flows in from the Pacific Ocean, is the Laguna Mountains in California. Nights no longer cool down and this has a lot to do with people building more and more structures and taking up more land.