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One major experience involved visit to a pharmaceutical company where students witnessed how drugs were manufactured by spending a whole day observing the production pipeline step-by-step; students ultimately appreciated the special precautions taken in order to avoid mistakes that could potentially in a dangerous lot e. Therefore, the need to familiarize medical doctors and, in particular, medical students to these societal concepts and aspects is more crucial than ever.

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Bakoyiannis, I. Bardo, M. Bell, J. World Sci. Blum, M. Carter, J. NPJ Digit Med. Cheatle, M. Pain Med. Chrousos, G. Stress and Disorders of the Stress System. Flower, R. Lifestyle Drugs: Pharmacology and the Social Agenda. Any product that may be evaluated in this article, or claim that may be made by its manufacturer, is not guaranteed or endorsed by the publisher.

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Ghilardi, G. The Political Nature of Medicine. The Museum has also collaborated with similar institutions e. Mbongue et al. It is now equally appreciated that the drug discovery processes Kaitin and DiMasi,which may disproportionally focus on some fields e.

Drugs are an undeniably chief tool for doctors in treating patients; however, the extent to which pharmacology courses address the ELSI ethical, legal, and societal aspects of pharmacology beyond providing strictly medical and scientific learning material e. Also, medical students were taught updated health-promoting techniques, prevention of illicit drugs use, as well as physical rehabilitation methods for people with disabilities.

Several reflections can be made after visiting the Museum: 1 appreciating how devices of the past that were once deemed useful e.

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As a result, at the end of the course, students developed advanced problem-solving skills in patient-facing scenarios, in comparison to conventional teaching, and they also appreciated the wide scope and profound importance of regulatory and quality assurance issues in drug manufacturing and beyond. Therefore, the lack of knowledge and skills in ELSI may, in turn, lead to suboptimal medical practice towards vulnerable groups.

A-FM wrote the first draft of the manuscript.

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Last, but not least, additional new avenues of Social Pharmacology could include 1 how smart phone-applications, social media, and online social networks can affect and help trace the use and consumption of pharmaceutical products; 2 how lifestyle drugs that aim to enhance personal well-being with potential sequelae on the societal level can challenge the very notion of Social Pharmacology by creating a need to redefine drug indications Flower, ; and, 3 how social conditions e.

In particular, the course, upon completion, has been positively commended by medical students in their written evaluations.

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As another didactic experience, medical students were also taught to take care of people with disabilities. The social aspects of medicine and medical education are more than imperative nowadays, given that several societal determinants, such as health care systems, political settings, unemployment, racial inequities, and exposure to chronic stress Chrousos, ; Theoharides,could play a major role in public attitudes towards therapies or even change the course of medical decisions Russell et al.

We took into that, at least in Greece, there are no interdisciplinary programs in the medical school curriculum that enable the discussion of ELSI topics, social determinants of health, and other societal topics [e.

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Equally acknowledged is the role of Carageorgiou on contributing to founding the Museum of Pharmacology. Thus, our message of Social Pharmacology cannot be timelier.

Social pharmacology as an underappreciated field in medical education: a single medical school’s experience

In parallel, the goal of the course was also to familiarize the greater percentage of medical doctors and the society to the history and social aspects of pharmacology. All claims expressed in this article are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of their affiliated organizations, or those of the publisher, the editors and the reviewers. To better inform patients on how the drug can affect safety while driving, medical students were educated to identify specific adverse effects e.

CL and JP revised the draft. In the Museum, in close adherence to its mission, more than historical and medically relevant items are exhibited, dating research apparatus, medical pharmacology books, pharmacological research-related Jordan, materials temporarily on loan from other museums. Within this context, several years ago at the Medical School of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, we introduced and developed the course Social Pharmacologyan elective course for medical students during the preclinical years of medical education i.

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The above gap in education of students from schools of medicine and of pharmacy has been similarly observed in several other countries, implying it is a broader issue Harding and Taylor, ; Hassali et al. However, at least in our experience and to our best knowledge, the current gap between medically-focused and ELSI subjects is still prevalent given that Social Pharmacology as a core course is still not included in many medical schools mostly due to downplaying of social pharmacology and the high pressure and demand by medical student for clinically-oriented academic courses.

Trends Pharmacol.

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Notably, the so-called European Higher Education Areawhich originated in the Bologna Declaration June 19th, for European educational system reformation, includes Social Pharmacology as a subject of study within the Pharmacology program for medical students. For instance, students appreciated that falls from a ladder under the influence of medications e.

In fact, contemporary data on drug misuse Culberson and Ziska,polypharmacy linked to multimorbidity Blum et al. In general, a medical school curriculum consists of both basic and clinical medical science courses e.

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Other didactic examples of the student experience during the Social Pharmacology course are illustrated below. Madrid: un recuerdo.

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Pamplona: Revista de Medicina de la Universidad de Navarra Art and Culture Athens: Pharmakeutikos Kosmos. We have received informal oral feedback on the clinical merit of this course, and the importance of the most recent approaches in health care and health care education, which aim to be patient- human- and society-centered Carter et al.

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Many thanks are expressed to Apostolos Zarros for his great contribution to the Museum of Pharmacology. In regards to societal aspects of the course of Pharmacology, although several issues e. We have also noticed, at least based on our experience, that in most courses, an underappreciated gap between pure biomedical and ELSI knowledge is present in medical education.

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The Social Pharmacology course, a one-semester elective long course established 2 decades ago and taught until some years ago in our Medical School, has aimed to link knowledge on pharmacology to real life pragmatic approach and not merely to treatment of diseases, has brought awareness to factors that are often neglected during medical decisions, and emphasized the need for strong relationships between doctors and patients.

The principal goal of this course was to familiarize budding medical doctors to the societal issues of drug prescription and use.

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In this way, medical students learned how to better serve people with disabilities by taking into specific factors while prescribing drugs such as existing morbidity e. Of note, some of the future challenges in medicine refer to how molecular and precision medicine should work hand-in-hand with social equity-based health care and how resource-poor countries can cope with biomedical advancement, in which the discoveries and implementation require extensive funding Konstantinopoulos et al.

Moreover, medical students were familiarized with several critical factors such as the effect of age, level of education, urban vs. Hence, we opted to focus on Social Pharmacology for medical students as future drug prescribers, hoping that our Commentary will make a case for more wide-spread inclusion of courses focusing exclusively on Social Pharmacology courses in medical schools. This course was based onimportant theoretical and practical work in the field Venulet, ; Venulet and Jucker, ; Alloza, ; Lilja and Larsson, dating Lilja et al.

In another field trip, students were familiarized with the real circumstances under which factory employees worked and became more aware for the importance of societal factors on prescribing and medical care. This reflects the low exposure of students at medical schools, especially during their preclinical years of medical education, and students of pharmacy to societally- and humanities-focused courses, such as bioethics, health care, public health, health Jordan, medical history, or biomedical communications Bell et al.

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The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest. This project can be used as a potential example for similar efforts in other countries.

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Culberson, J. Geriatrics 63 922— Google Scholar. In the current Opinion article, we commented on our course on Social Pharmacology and the associated Museum of Pharmacology. Dossing, M. Antipyrine Clearance during Occupational Exposure to Styrene. We feel that other Jordan schools, which have not already included ELSI-driven courses, should endorse at least some of the above components to their medical curriculum.

Importantly, courses and initiatives that are similar to those described above can serve as an appropriate starting point to address these complex issues and cultivate society-centered medical learning. studies have shown that the quality of higher education including medical schools appeared suboptimal in terms of addressing the current needs of patients and the broader society Kulasegaram et al.

Dating our best knowledge, with regards to Pharmacology courses, there is a major overlapping between medical schools and schools of pharmacy in their approach and curricula. This manuscript is dedicated to the memory of late Professor P. This work extends two conference poster presentations of our group References: 36, 47— Al-Haqwi, A. Community Med 17 141— Alloza, J-L. Open Soc. Alloza, J. Clinical and Social Pharmacology: post Marketing Period. Last, medical students were offered opportunities to harness their critical thinking skills in cases of real-world drug uses. The issues discussed in this elective course included: 1 misuse and overuse of drug prescriptions; 2 use of drugs in specific population groups and periods of life, i.

These are all critical points which budding physicians-investigators and social pharmacologists could investigate.