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But it appears to have clanked off the ears of some non-New Yorkers who perhaps were hearing the term for the first time this week.

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This paper aims to explore the relationship between entrepreneurship and resilience in an indigenous context. The overarching research questions are: What are the mechanisms that link entrepreneurial thought and action to resilience in a marginalized context? How can entrepreneurial thought and actions lead to building economic, community and cultural resilience? An exploratory-naturalistic case study methodology was used to examine the entrepreneurial journey of the Boruca.

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His Chicago 21 plan sought to expand downtown and stave off middle-class white flight.

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After the takeover, some of these congregants alerted the police, who quickly came to the scene. With the 50th anniversary coming up, it made sense for the Young Lords to coordinate with the school once again.

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The policies of the city were racist, were segregationist. Over the next several years, the Young Lords made important inro in their effort to empower the barrios.

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He invited the Young Lords and the Young Patriots—a white, working-class organizing group based in Uptown—to forces in fighting the Daley machine. So this event is about all that. The first large Puerto Rican community in the history of Chicago.

Working together with the church, they operated out of the building rent-free for about a year. He was going to classes, and in between classes he was doing speeches. He stops himself. Establishing alliances across ideological differences is no small feat.

Once a street gang, then a political collective, the young lords celebrate 50 years with a symposium at depaul

This is not a natural process. Johnson, who was sympathetic toward the Lords, told the police the group had permission to be there. This was segregation, this was planned by City Hall. In Maythe Lords made headlines when they commandeered the McCormick Theological Seminary administration building on Fullerton which was later acquired by DePaul.

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Several items, such as historical photographs and copies of the Y. Since then, the relationship has continued. The members are still in touch, and many continue to do community-oriented work. But the Rainbow Coalition was their worst nightmare.

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A community that was completely displaced. I think they felt that these institutions that were bound by a mission statement that included caring for the poor—that they were trying to hold them able for their role in either stopping or reinforcing the systems that were displacing these communities.

He later worked as a youth counselor, based on his success transforming a gang into a political movement. So I was watching him, how he spoke.

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But those negotiations broke down due to the discomfort some Cuban exiles in the congregation had with working with a radical political organization that viewed Che Guevara as an inspiration. As the Y. The university has played a sizable role in the changing landscape of Lincoln Park, dating at least from Mayor Richard J. It was on this holiday 50 years ago that the Young Lords chose to announce their transformation from a street gang to a political organization focused on self-determination for Puerto Rico and empowerment for the people of the neighborhood.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? exploring the relationship between entrepreneurship and resilience among the boruca indians of costa rica

He had a plan and he was confident in what he was doing. When the police failed to secure the crime scene, the Young Lords provided security for the Panthers, who opened the apartment for public viewing. In he ran for alderman in the 46th Ward, eventually garnering 39 percent of the vote. That history was in Lincoln Park.

But the coalition is all the more notable for succeeding despite the efforts of the FBI to hinder its progress. He describes it as a skeleton crew that remains committed to the cause.

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You know, gentrification is still occuring today. Johnson and his wife, Eugenia Ransier Johnsonwere mysteriously found slain in their home that September, a case that has never been solved. The members had been in negotiations with the church to rent unused space for social programs. He recalls being arrested alongside Hampton during an action to support unionization of the staff at the Wicker Park Welfare Office.

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While a student, he put together an impressive archive of the Young Lords and Lincoln Parkconducting more than interviews. These demands were met, at least for a time.

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Their quest for social justice—and the Panthers in particular—sparked his interest. That impacted me a lot. But Latino faculty are there, and a lot of progressive people.