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Our historical moment—the Michelle Obama era—illustrates a discursive meeting of post-racial ideologies and BlackLivesMattera time when popular discourse toggles between proclaiming that race and racism are irrelevant in the lives of both people of color and Whites and acknowledging the daily brutalities disproportionately suffered by Black Americans.

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Black respectability politics have been a way for elite African Americans to police and blame poor or perceived-to-be poor Blacks, instead of focusing the lens on either interpersonal or institutional racism. I call this performance strategic ambiguity.

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On Twitter, home of her Gladiatorsshe blasted the article on the basis of inaccuracies and racialized sexism. On-screen her Black women characters are elite professional women whose work lives showcase their superstar success and whose home lives showcase their tempestuous and deliciously messy interpersonal relationships.

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My goal was simply to cast the best actors. Her strategic ambiguity allows forthright language about race and gender to wax and wane within conventional public discourse.

This post is part of our online roundtable on Black Women and the Politics of Respectability. After becoming the target of a racist attack in the New York TimesRhimes responded quickly and unequivocally and diverged from her then-to-date performance of controlled, respectable strategic ambiguity. The auteur of such groundbreaking and cult-like characters quite unusually garners almost as much interest in the press as her stars.

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Ralina L. Follow her on Twitter RalinaJoseph. Rhimes cast off the cloak of colorblindness by stating, in no uncertain terms, that the media treats White and Black women in wildly divergent, racially stratified ways and that racialized sexism is still very much alive. This response highlighted the racism that still exists even in vaunted spheres such as the New York Timesand even against celebrities such as Shonda Rhimes.

Shonda Rhimes. The way she presents herself in the media provides a precious archive of one iteration of contemporary Black female respectability politics. While racialized subjects seeking access to dominant forms of success must play the bait-and-switch game of strategic ambiguity, prominent Black women caught between hypervisibility and invisibility roll out this strategy as well.

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These characters are also seldom seen in community with other African American women, appearing to prefer the sisterhood of non-Black women. While Black men such as Jesse Williams claim the discursive space to speak truth to powersimilarly prominent Black women do not or cannot do the same without facing retribution instead of hero-worship.

In the BlackLivesMatter moment and after a string of hits, Rhimes unambiguously called out racialized sexism and redefined Black female respectability. Share with a friend:. It is ambiguous in that its explicit goal is to simply claim a seat at the table; it is strategic in that inclusion provides an opportunity to repudiate racism. Unlike the direct action of call-outs, walkouts, pickets, or sit-ins, strategic ambiguity is a safe way to respond to racism that comes in a post-racial guise because it does not appear to upend the space.

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Strategic ambiguity is a strategic and mindful choice; it is also ambiguous, deploying a primary facet of post-race, not naming racism. Race functions as but one of many personality traits in Shondaland.

They rule our TV fantasy versions of the Washington, D. They thrive in multiracial cast shows where their race is rarely, if ever, explicitly discussed; they unselfconsciously embrace interracial relationships and interracial friend groups.