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How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate, written by Gary Chapman inoutlines five general ways that partners convey or receive love: words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, acts of service and receiving gifts.

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How old am I: 42
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I like: Sports
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Where can I take the driving class to keep a moving violation off my driving record?

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When you select your name or the Citation, all of your citations will be displayed showing the standard fine and cost. If your ticket is not court mandatory and you wish to pay it prior to your court date, you will be assessed the standard fine and cost based on the violation. You can obtain a new court date by posting a cash bond or a surety bond with the aid of a bondsman.

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Live Edit Close. Does it cost anything to have someone subpoenaed to court? All criminal filings are at no cost. If you need assistance in filling out your application for expungment, call In. Home FAQs. I failed to pay my citation and now my driver's is suspended. How can I find my court date? Is there a list of recommended local driving schools? I missed my court date and now have a warrant You need to turn yourself into the Shreveport City Jail. Show All Answers.

The Office of Motor Vehicles maintains an approved list of driving schools. If you need assistance in filling out your application for expungment, call for our Expungement Information 2.

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Arrow Left Arrow Right. How much does it cost to file a motion? How many people may I subpoena?

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An expungement is for criminal history only, not your drivers. You have to file a motion and order for expungement with the court. The marshal's office sets the cost for additional witnesses. You may subpoena as many people you feel are witnesses for your case.

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The first 6 are at no cost. for a list of Local Driving Schools 9. Show All Answers 1. How do I subpoena someone to court?

The court will provide an attorney for you through the Indigent Defender's Office should you not be able to afford an attorney. You need to pay your citation and take your receipt to the Office of Motor Vehicles to get your reinstated. How do I have a criminal charge expunged from my criminal history?

for the Court Date Lookup Utility What is the fine amount for my ticket?

What if I am unable to hire an attorney? The process takes 6 to 8 months. If you are coming to court, the judge will set your fine.

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